Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Other Woman/Blog

Really, the other blog is more appropriate, since I'm not having sex with the other blog, I'm just diverting attention away from this one. Not that I wouldn't want to, this other blog I've got is one hot little piece of abstract tail. Announcing, my work blog where I'll be doing a little show and tell about the quick, easy and inexpensive way that I'm turning a former printing room into a wine bar. It's what I've been obsessed with for the last seven months or so, so I hope you'll enjoy. I'm counting it as part of "work" so I feel more obligated to post regularly on that, whether or not I have anything particularly insightful to say.

Now that that's out of the way....

Laura continues to be pregnant, which I feel is a damned fine thing. I went to the last OBGYN appointment and got to hear the heart beat through the doppler. I was fucking awed. It kind of makes this science fictiony warbling sound before it zones in on the heartbeat, but then it's off to the races. 156 beats a minute which can only mean one thing, that we're HAVING A GIRL OR A BOY!!!. We'll know for sure on February 5th, and if we get an image, I fully intend to broadcast naked pictures of my unborn child to all the world.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

"New Haircut, New Attitude"

Since my time working on the Dean campaign, my hair has been thinning. I've been noticing myself patting my bangs forward, which has annoyed me to no end; I dispise transparent combovers. I was on propecia for a little while, which worked but caused a lot of stress and cost a lot of money (it makes a small minority of men impotent, imagine spending two months holding your breath at the onset of any hanky panky). This summer I met a very successful, local restaurantor and was shaken to see him sweating from under a really bad toupee.

I figured that I might as well face this sucker "head on" and see if I have the skull to fully commit to being a bald man. I figured that new year's would be a good time to do it since it's the traditional time to do such things and it would give me ample time to grow what little hair I have left before I opened the wine bar or became a father.

Laura did the honors and settled on a 3/8" setting on the trimmer (trimer for my beard and the dog). Josh was there to help with the mirror, the camera and to give good color commentary as Laura trimmed away "oh yeah man, with the front of your head intact you can still pull off the art school student 'do if you stopped now."

And the results? I personally dig it, my wife thinks I look hot (whew) and I don't have any wierd scars or bumps under all that. Aside from doing it in the dead of winter and having to wear a warm hat everywhere, it's been great.