Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pickin' Up The Motherfuckin' Car

After work tomorrow, I'm going to catch a train out to Connecticut to pick up the car from the shop. I had a nightmare last night that something else went wrong with the car and that we had to just leave the car and hope someone wouldn't charge us with dumping. I've found that no one has really come at me with a smug "I told you so" or plattitude about car buying. It's probably because most people I know have either owned a lemon or are too consious of their own karmic liability in degrading another person's eye for cars. Then again, most people I know, with the exception of Andrew, who owns a car with over 260,000 miles owns a car.

The car has cost us so much money, what with the transportation to and from Boston to get it, sales tax, inspection, windshier etc that it seems a tragedy to walk away from it having lost so much. I keep having this hope that there'll be some kind of "Smokey and the Bandit" job where I can make $5000 to just drive a bunch of moonshine up to the Canadian border then push the car off a cliff. That or some crazy person offering us $5000 for our car just because he's got a fetish for the smell of old Volvos and he wants to spend every waking hour gratifying himself in the back seat. If any of you know of any such opportunities HOOK ME UP!

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Anonymous said...

at least this is almost over with, leave the fucker and get on with your lives.
Also dont give yourself too much grief or even think about it too much.

You might remember me driving an even uglier blazer than the red baron...
That thing caught fire at a gas station, actually the transmission fluid caught fire, that is bad, very bad.

anyway, u threw a bunch of money in the toilet, but you learned something. so make this a positive experience. thats what I have been trying to do living in a house festering with drywall dustbunnies for the past 2 years.

love you man, happy birthday again.