Monday, November 05, 2007


Laura is pregnant, but everyone says that it's a "we" thing, so yeah, while Laura is doing a great job of growing another human being in her womb, I too, am pregnant. I/Laura/we are due in late June. It was no accident, we meant to do it and it happened lickity split. Anyone who tells you that unprotected sex doesn't result in pregnancy is telling you a goddamned lie!

Laura turns 28 tomorrow and has reached her goal of being 28 and pregnant. Happy birthday baby.


John said...

Yaaaay!!! Who knew health class could help people reach goals? We're so happy for you guys!

Andrew said...

Congrats from Across the Pond!
Baby names we like: Terry, Andy, Kiffy, Elias.
Happy B-Day Laura!
We're Pregnant too, with beer and chips!

Outlandish Josh said...


Franz said...

What a wonderful thing. Congratulations.