Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Freaking New Year

Checked off a lot of big ticket items in 2007:

Left North Carolina (thank fucking god)
Moved to St. Louis
Bought a house
Got a great job
Got a cat
Inseminated my wife

I also had a great 29th birthday, ran my best half-marathon ever and biked till I couldn't really safely bike anymore. I've resolved in 2008 to have a smashup wine bar, make more money and of course, be the best father I can possibly be. I decided to eschew the "exercise more" or "lose weight" resolutions and have amended myself to simply not put on too much "new dad weight", that puffy faced, three day stubble, saggy under the eyes look that most new dad's have. No doubt the stress and sleeplessness of both starting a business and raising a child at the same damned time will take their tole on my body, I just want to be aware of it.

Laura has planned an incredible New Year's Eve feast. Josh is in town and Matt and Narcisa will come over. We decided to go all out and under the direction of our meat man at Whole Foods, we bought five and a half pounds of upright roast. We were given some incredible bottles of wine from a family friend as thanks for helping him pack up his house, so that will make for a great evening as well.

Hope all ten of you that read this has a great new years, and an even better 2008.

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