Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Out Of The Saddle

the Monday Morning Job was pretty hellacious. Got about an hour into into it before the heavens opened up and I was caught with nothing more than shorts, an undershirt and a t-shirt. I thought that it would be a summer rain and that I wouldn't lose too much body heat, but I was wrong. Each time I stopped and went into a building I got a little bit colder. I finally broke down and bought a set of rain gear from Modells in Harold Square. It cost me $40. I've been holding off on getting freaking rain gear for a year and a half and all it was going to cost me this whole freaking time was forty measly bucks. I've done maybe 6 other rainy mornings and 4 snowy Monday mornings because I was too cheap to get some freaking rain gear.

In my experience, rainy days are best dealt with by going slow, keeping warm and not giving a fuck about anything but staying safe and healthy. When all was said and done, I lost a total of 10 minutes off of my average from the whole run. Oh yeah.

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