Monday, July 17, 2006

Flaming Bikes of Death

Sometimes I wonder to myself, "what is the most dangerous, irresponsible thing I could possibly do on a bike that would endanger both me and everyone around me?" Luckily, the good Oregonians of Chunk 666 have answered that for me


Anonymous said...

hey teddy-
quick question: have you guys sent out the wedding invitations? and, has matt responded?
i just wanted to make sure, i know when it is and everything but i just wanted to confirm you guys have sent out the actual invitations (so i can look for them at matt's:).... he can be forgetful sometimes and i just want to be sure
hope all is well!

TeddyFrank said...

Hey Narcisa,
Laura is putting the final touches on the invitations as I write this. Also, keep Labor Day weekend open. Laura and I will be down in St. Louis and there'll be a party at my brother's house on Sunday September 3rd. Have Matt Gimme a call before you make your reservations for the wedding.


Anonymous said...

thanks teddy! he had me convinced that the invitations actually came and that he replied but he didnt know where they were (hes so wicked:) if the invitations are gonna be out soon i can probably wait to make flight plans-but its all going down on just the saturday, right?
-cant wait to see you guys in september! ill try and find my bb shotgun in the mean time if its gonna be anything like last time...
by the way-how would you feel about coming to sarajevo if we get married there and then spending a week at my family's beach house in croatia? were thinking about just running down there with family and a few friends. my couple girlfriends would be all over the place anyways but its you amerikanci wed have to get over there. we were really drunk last night. would you consider it if we did it?