Saturday, July 15, 2006

Missouri On My Mind

According to the New York Times my home state is taking another hard look at its death penalty rules. Apparently the guy who'd been executing people for the last 10 years has been screwing up the death cocktail and blames it on his dyslexia. The doctor is a surgeon and so they tried to replace him with an anesthesiologist. Of the 298 anesthesiologists in the area that they solicited, all 298 said hell no. Happily, my dad was one of them. Way to keep to the hypiocratic oath dad!

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matthew said...

I am shocked the AMA hasn't taken a further stance on this issue.

And by the way, they give the condemned like 15-20 times the drugs it would take to kill a 200-pound man. They call for enough barbituates to induce a 2-day coma.

I go back and forth on the death penalty thing. However...

I am happy to read the more states are having (minimum security) inmates work construction, a few state capitol buildings were built by inmates in the old days. What beter way to rehabilitate, than to actually give these men life skills, professional skills, and the most important thing a man can have, a sense of pride and accomplishment. There is no better feeling than building something with a hammer and saw. But most importantly, they have a trade, skills, to get on with their lives.