Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I am competetive to the point of retardation

I went to they gym yesterday and sat down on one of the reclining bikes with Time magazine thinking that I would poke along and read about Obama's electablility. I set the stationary bike on a "race mode" where you put in the pace of the race (20mph) and the distance (10 miles).

"Race Mode" such as it was consisted of two red dots on a 4"x4" screen. One was me and one was my opponent and we both circled the boundery of the screen counter-clockwise. About two minutes in I was completely hooked and I ended up racing the machine like I was in an actual race, panting till I couldn't take it anymore. When it was done, I had sweated through both the front and the back of my shirt and I could hardly walk.

The whole thing made me realize just how different my life is here, that I have to race a stationary bike in order to feed my competetive nature.

Lapped that dot twice though. Try fucking with me next time you red flashing motherfucker.



Sam said...

Somehow I hear the song 'tainted love' going' on behind this "red flashig motherfucker"... go figure.

John Y said...

Yeah, Frank!!! Show that LED bitch who's boss! On a similar front, I find that I'm killing myself on the treadmill. Training for the marathon, I'm supposed to take it easy so as to not burn myself out. But, I can't stand to have some one running faster than me or for me to go below my normal pace. And don't even get me started about what happens when I'm outside on a real run and some one comes along side me. How do we make it stop?

Tree Trunk Ho Slappa said...

Well first I am ecstatic to see you're blogging once more. And secondly, i don't do the stationary bike, but I am doing bikram yoga. I get frustraterd when these bendy hippies can do better than me, and I end of passing out from trying to do a better backbend.

matt said...

fools, I drink and smoke,

I get the same sensation from a flight of stairs.

Outlandish said...

Dude, race mode is good, but i prefer the zen madness of "manual." Like: "can I do two more minutes if I crank it up to 17???

Also, as a semi-often hash smoker, the body highs you get into when you reach deep into your metabolism are heavy. Matt, you should try several flights of stairs. You might see the face of God or someting.