Thursday, January 04, 2007

Oh The Roadkill You'll See

My morning commute to work is through either rural or formerly rural roads. I have seen exactly 3 other cyclists and they were all going the other way. I started the job as the winter solstace was creeping up and now the days are getting slightly longer. The only thing aside from the sunrise and the weather that varies is the roadkill.

My commute is something around 8.5 miles and you see the whole gamut of dead shit. Deer, possum, squirrels, pets and more deer. I give them pet names like "Dierdre" for the dead deer that has it's tongue sticking out and it's neck in a funny direction. "Rocky" of course is the racoon that the buzzards or the highway patrol took care of over Christmas break, and "Pokey" is the name for the splayed out dead housecat that just wasn't fast enough crossing 15-501.

This morning I found what looks to be the remains of a black lab about 50 feet from "Pokey". I've decided to give the dog a one week moratorium on naming it to see if someone will claim it. After that, it'll probably go by "Lucky" till the highway patrol or the buzzards take care of him too.

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