Monday, February 12, 2007

Movin' Out

All right everyone, I'm the shithead that doesn't update their blog at all.

For all 7 of you that still look at this thing and don't know....

1. Laura and I will be moving to St. Louis
2. We just did a big-ass tour of the east coast.
3. Laura managed to sell the house and our furniture to a woman who was randomly living in our neighborhood.

As for the tour of the East Coast, it was a great time. Laura and I basically "porked up the east coast", eating like pigs all along the way. It was possibly the worst possible time to head north, the weather was cold and shitty the entire time, particularly in Boston. I brought my bike along and took one final ride through New York. It was spectalular. I sighed when we left drove past New York on our way back from Boston yesterday. It will be missed.

Many thanks to Shannon and Tim, Andrew and TK (fucking great Superbowl Party, you're wonderful hosts), John and Noreen, Val and Amy for putting us up. Should the fates leave you stranded in the Gateway City, my spare bed is yours.


John said...

Damn, I was hoping to for a bed to share, not the spare.

Anyway, great to see you, and remember, we'll always have "coat-swap '07"

Good luck on the move!

Arielle said...