Sunday, February 25, 2007

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

Coming back to St. Louis has been a trip. There is no possible way that I could appreciate this city without having left for near a decade. Coming back, I'm looking at it with new eyes.

The first thing that's hit me is the architecture and the history around here. North Carolina seems to have been built, for the most part, somewhere around 2003. When doing my apartment search from my brother's house, I looked at one apartment that was formerly at boarding house from before the 1860's, almost got an apartment that was formerly two hotel rooms in the 1920's and then settled on a great apartment in Maplewood, Mo. that was built in the 1940's.

I would be remiss if I didn't share with everyone my experience with Mardi Gras in St. Louis. After a day of drinking and revelry in the historic Soulard District of St. Louis, I woke up in my brother's best friends brother's house feeling like absolute hell. My bro drove me home and I felt even worse. I barely glanced at Laura, ignored Pig and my brother's dog Milo and headed straight for the bathroom to boot.

As daintily as I could, I vomited. I thought that I was done and sat back on my heels then mustered myself to get up and rinse out my mouth and realized that my stomach was far from done with emptying itself. I rushed over to get to the bowl and on the way down bonked the flesh on the side of my right eye on the corner of the sink counter, saw some stars and missed the bowl. I immediately knew what I had done to myself, puked twice more and then got myself over to the sink to deal with the bloody aftermath.

Five hours of waiting and some supergluing of my face later, I was good as new. I would post photos, but hey, you'll all be able to see my lasting scar at your leisure.


Sam Tresler said...

I'll always love you for the sheer amount of Class you have Frank Robbins.

John said...

Did Girls Gone Wild St. Louis Mardi Gras catch it on tape? Seriously, glad you're ok and it was the fleshy part of your eye and the eye-y part of your eye.

John said...

that should read "not" the eye-y part, doh!

Kristine said...

Thank god for Army.


Sorry I'm obsessed with Arrested development in a bad, bad way.