Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pederasty Stinkeye

Laura's 15 year old cousin, Candice is in town visiting us for her spring break. Laura needed to get some work done, so the two of us went off to go to the top of the Arch. The line was going to be over an hour, so I bought the tickets for later that afternoon. Candice is a metabolical freak and needs to be fed every few hours, so I took her to a South City cafe I wanted to check out. While sitting there waiting for our food a man and woman sat down at the table next to us. The woman had a do-rag on and had obviously gone through chemotherapy so I decided not to stare. As Candice and I talked over the finer points of Law and Order the original, Criminal Intent and Special Victems Unit, I kept feeling a set of eyes on me. Then I caught the woman sneaking a peek at me, sitting there on a weekday, having lunch with a minor and chatting away.

When I got out I told her: "Candice, if anyone asks, you are my girfriend and we met on the INTERNET!!!!"


John said...

Welcome back to the midwest, Frank! Where anything can be unseemly and people aren't afraid to stare.

Josh said...

Six Words:

Dirty Frank's School For Wayward Girls

You are the living embodiment of every mother's MySpace nightmare. We haven't seen fear like this since "Fucking in the streets!" I say do what you can to spread it around.

Kristine said...

This reminds me of a night I had with Laura involving margarita's, a cowboy restaurant and a 12 year old girl. Ask and you shall find out.