Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Toyota Beats GM Like It Stole Stomething

In high school I drove an underpowered, shitbox Chevy that got 13 MPG and broke down every two months, I vowed never to purchase another GM product as long as I lived. Now it looks like Toyota has finally overtaken GM as Numero Uno and I can't say that I feel at all bad about it. My toyota, which gets about 30 MPG was made in Kentucky and hasn't given me any shit. Hoo-Haa


eefers said...

You've re-acclimated yourself to the Midwest very well, Frank. You do realize you just blogged about GM?

Kristine said...

Eefers brain must be clogged with French cheese, we are all talking about Toyota out here.

Prius. Prius. PRUIS.

Not as awesome as the EV1 but infinately more accessible than the all electic Smart Car.

2008 is ONE year AWAY. Do you think I can save 35K by then?

Kristine said...

I realize I spelled infinitely incorrectly.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say GM is the best my chevy will run over evey pice of shit toyota honda and every other jap shit all those jap cars need to get thrown in the car crusher and we need to have big blocks who cares about the enviroment let it go to hell