Monday, April 23, 2007

Yet Another "You're Married" Moment

Laura was going through a comingled box of her and my old photos and came across a nudie pic of an old girlfriend. I took it only a couple of months before the relationship ended, but I developed that roll of film after it ended. I just put that picture, along with the three other non-nudie pics from that roll in a paper case and tossed it in my non-organized-photo box and forgot about it for four years.

Anyone who knows me knows that four years equates to roughly 7 moves, so it's pretty spectacular that the little bugger was able to hang in there for so long. Luckily, Laura was pretty good natured about it and made a show of being all pissed off and throwing it on the desk for me to open. Suffice it to say, I had a good laugh and tossed it into the trash.


Josh said...

Exactly why I myself have stayed away from any such documentary forays. Plus, you can't beat the mind's eye for airbrushing. ;)

Anonymous said...

THAT is a good call, Frank. Makes me want to run home, go through my pictures and throw out those saucy photos I took when I dated that weirdo Andrew, and yet I was the one with blue hair.
Go Figure.