Sunday, April 15, 2007

Travel and Beer

Woke up at 5:00 am to get Laura on a 6:30 flight to Ann Arbor for a management training course. Pulling out of the driveway the empty light blinked on and after passing two empty gas stations, we turned around and used my dad's car. He loaned it to me about a month ago and hasn't taken me up on any offers from me to return it. This morning I was particularly grateful.

Went by my bro's place later and spent an extremely enjoyable morning and early afternoon hanging out on his rear porch, brewing beer and slowly shooting an ice sculpture to pieces with a bb-gun. There was the minor hiccup that had to be dealt with when Laura arrived in Ann Arbor only to find out that her debit card didn't work, but it was nothing that three hours of calling, panicing and an enormous charge from Western Union couldn't fix.

In other news I landed a part time job about two miles from my house at a local cafe/restaurant. It frees up my time for the business and it looks like it'll be paying better than the full time job I had in NC. There's actually a lot of good things moving on that front, but out of superstition and the possibility of a poorly timed Google search, I won't be mentioning any of the play by play in this forum. I will say that I dodged a bullet recently by passing on a deal to purchase a failing cafe in a crap locaiton. They just closed their doors today.

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