Thursday, May 10, 2007

Running Again

As much as I hate it, I like running. Just found a running partner 7 years my junior and it's been working out pretty well. My idea of getting out of shape means not touching my toes, his is not being able to do a no-handed backflip at will. To boot, he has a 70lb malamut that comes along and never gets winded. It's pretty funny finding myself being the one out of shape and at a motivation deficit. At the same time, I've been suffering though it and feeling better every day.

My J-O-B situatuation came to a head today. The place that I was working, a start-up, organic pasta joint owned by a married couple seemed like a good fit. In the end though, it just turned into a completely toxic workplace reminiscent a job I had in New York where I had major beef with a guy straight out of IDF special forces. I know a job situation is in a bad place when I imagine a physical showdown that involves convincing the other guy to put down his knife and fight like a man. In the end, they wanted a further cut on my tips, I told them that I would be leaving, and I left. No big deal.

As my dreams come closer to fruition, I just want to be the boss. Soon my pretties, soon.


John said...

I like how the photo for this one fits both subjects in the post. Hope the running stays foun for you, it's gotten to the point with me that it's a necessary part of my life. And those malamuts, man he was made to pull a sled all day, I'd get on for a ride if you get tired :-)

Anonymous said...

Milo and I have been jogging too. Yes, the 14 pound dog can run longer and harder than me. I share this with you to give you strength! Defeat the dog!


TeddyFrank said...

Thank Kris,
Unfortunately, it's almost physically impossible to beat a malamut. The damned things are bred to run non-stop for miles. The guy I run with says that he's only been able to get Zoe (the dog) tired once after having the thing run up and down a beach all day.

That being said, Milo is a pretty freaking strong little dog and it'll take a lot to outrun him.