Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Six Miles Mutha Fucka

Had a freaking excellent 6 mile run in the rain today. Laura came with for the first mile and a quarter and doubled back and the rest went off without a hitch. Inside of two weeks I was able to get up to six miles, not too freaking bad. I was completely endorphin high for about two hours, singing in the shower and generally alienating myself from Laura. Several hours later, I'm beginning to have some hurt in my calves and hip joints.


John said...

Congrats! One warning, you should be careful, once you hit about 8 miles, not to raise your long run by more than 10% each week. Otherwise, overuse injuries could become a factor. And yes, the endorphin high rules, and the longer you run, the longer it lasts, and the more annoyed your wife gets. Which provides for some hilarity when you are high on endorphins!

Josh said...

Groovy man!

The feeling of "getting back into shape" is really pretty awesome. We're lucky I think in that our various pursuits as younger men (theatrical training, big city bike lifestyle) laid down a good template. Last summer I came off several months of relative inactivity (and more beer-drinking than average) and in three weeks had most of my mojo back.

I really like how underlying physical conditioning can stick with you. Now I just have to get back into the grove wrt alignment, flexibility, focus and control, all of which my level 1 hippy yoga class hits; and man do I need work.

TeddyFrank said...

I do love that baseline of shape that you're in having once done The Cat daily for years. I knew when I was moving back to the midwest that I would marshmellow out if I didn't keep up with myself. I'm in such a bike-as-tranportation mindset that I find it difficult to take a long bike ride for exercise.

I've been pretty shocked that I've been able to just go from zero running to feeling strong going up hills in just two and a half weeks. Bodes well, seeing as how I haven't yet figured out what stupid thing to do for my birthday.

John said...

Marathon! Marathon! Marathon!

That's just my vote, or you could swim the Missouri. That would be a challenge, to modern healthcare after.