Monday, May 14, 2007

Ritalin and Running Update

Were I a competetive athlete and open to chemical scrutiy I might get called out on how I did today on my first 5+ mile in a long ass time. That not being the case, lemme just say that running is a freaking cinch now that I'm on ritalin. I was able to concentrate and perform quite well today. It can also be said that I"m in a lot better shape than I was two weeks ago and that helped a lot too. Tomorrow is a 6 mile run, more on that later.


m said...

good for you man,

that stuff changed my life. I gotta say the generic adderal is really my stuff. I recently changed insurance companies, and a months' supply of the generic....$186, with insurance, $12


Josh said...

Drugs drugs drugs!

It's cool you're getting back into the running though. That seems well-advised no matter what. We can't just rely on the metabolism the way we used to.

TeddyFrank said...

Generic is the shit man, $15 co-pay baby. As for the running, it's a good thing to get addicted to at this point.