Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Late and Early Shift

Since neither of my breasts lactate, I've been trying to help Laura out as best I can. What's worked so far is to have her go to sleep early and I stay up with the lil' guy so she can get the first couple hours of sleep. Laura takes over until the early morning and then I have him from the early a.m on.

This has worked out pretty well, and to my great relief, I've discovered that Freddy shares my interest in this year's Tour De France. While I let out a series of expletives when I found out about Ricardo Ricco's doping scandal, Freddy was so upset he crapped his pants.

I need to start reading more to Freddy. At this point, it's all about hearing the sound of my voice, so I can be selfish in choosing the reading materials. My last attempt at reading to him, I pulled "The Commitments" by Roddy Doyle off the shelf. The book is one of my favorites, but reading it out loud is difficult if you can't pull off a decent South Dublin accent (which I can't). I've been looking for an excuse to crack open my Shakespeare, this just might be it.


Josh Koenig said...

Yeah! Dose that kid up on the bard.

Jessica said...

That'll teach you to curse, you get pooped on. Though, I imagine you get pooped on at most every turn these days.

Zwalshon said...

Congrats, Teddy! Don't forget, it's never too early to start with baseball. Maybe some Casey at the bat and then onto color commentary.