Friday, September 26, 2008

Green Building

After some serious soul searching and a rut-busting trip to New York, I finally figured out a professional focus: green building. Now I know what you're all saying, "but Frank, why focus on green building? Ever since I've known you, youve been a banking temp, real estate agent, office manager, project manager, barista, building manager, bartender, bike messenger, school assistant, coaster maker, hiring consultant, researcher, political consultant, machine gunner, why settle on that?" Well, because I gotta choose something for Pete's sake.

Oh yes, and because I genuinly enjoy construction administration and management, believe in sustainability and believe this to be an area of amazing growth in the next two to three years or whenever the market stops crashing.

Currently I'm studying for my LEED Accredited Professional certification and I'm pumping all of my contacts for people who are in the field. All of this would be very exciting except I have a wicked bad cold and my head feels like it's huge.

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