Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Giving Back To The Web

I took a six mile hike with my friend Matt and among the myriad things we talked about was keeping up with blogging. It was easy to do it at the Wine Press since I equated it with being part of my job (no matter what I'm doing, I'm slavish to job duties). Anyhow, we came to the epiphany that the entire world wide web is an empty place if you don't put anything into it and only sit and watch it like TV.

And so, in an effort to give back a bit, this is what's new:

Freddy is more adorable than ever. He can follow things with his eyes, do flirty smiles and most recently he can laugh. He has lost almost all of his original hair and now looks more like actor Wallace Shawn than his mother or father.

That has done little to diminish his attractiveness. Josh's mom, Leigh sent me a congradulations on Facebook and added that he had a beautifully shaped head. I didn't quite get it until I went to dinner and ran into two other babies of simular age who had serious cone heads. Gulp!

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