Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sustanable (and cheap) Temporary Business Cards

Saw this online from a printer in North Carolina.

Great idea and beautifully executed with soy ink. Got a quote from them and was amazed. Maybe when I can put LEED AP after my name I'll treat myself. In the meantime, I needed some temporary cards for networking, interviews etc. and it seems like a waste to get 500 cheapo cards that I hate.

I cut up a PBR box I'd just gotten done with, cut it into two 8 1/2X11 sheets, formatted my info onto a twelve-up template and shoved them through my printer. If you're doing this at home, your printer won't want to do it, but it will surrender to your will if you jam it in enough. Read into that as you will.

I measured the finished product out, made some pencil marks and Laura cut them neatly out. The finished product has roughly the thickness of a credit card and they feel like you can cut salami with the edges. They're distinctive though, I must say. Next time I'll try it with the Raisin Bran box I'm about to polish off.


Josh Koenig said...

As a fellow card-carrying professional, I suggest having both PBR and Raisin Bran versions back-pocketed. Different folks will be swayed by one or the other.

TeddyFrank said...

Too true, I want to see if I can't make a card with the cereal box nutritional information on the back of it. Fiber Content=Gravitas.

Josh Koenig said...

Fiber Content=Gravitas.


Please become awesomely successful so I can ghost-write a line of business advice books featuring serious (think "Dobrian for Congress") photos of you on the jacket cover. We could make Trump look like the cheap Queens trash that he is.

- Josh