Sunday, December 14, 2008

LEED Exam on Wednesday

I dropped myself into the deep end of the pool and sceduled my LEED AP exam for this Wednesday at 3:30.

I haven't crammed for something since I was in high school, I've got acronyms and percentages oozing out of my ears. The test is really freaking expensive, so that just adds to the pressure.

And speaking of pressure: Jeremy, you said that you might get your LEED AP, Rachel I don't know if you've taken your test yet, but I challenge both of you to a LEED-OFF!


Josh Koenig said...

Hey Frank,

I'm sure you'll do well. But in case you need a backup option, I think we can make you Senator from Illinois. I know a guy.

John said...

Good Luck! Remember if all else fails, marking C all the way down will save you.