Monday, December 01, 2008

Officially Admitted To Wash-U

I got the call about an hour ago confirming that I've been accepted to Washington University in St. Louis' masters program in construction management. I was pretty sure I'd get in, but I've told enough people that I was going that getting turned away would have been a big -ahem- embarassing.

Instead of an envelope, I got a phone call from the woman in charge of academic advisement, which was pretty darned civilized. I remember when I was in high school pulling up to my house after school and looking at my mailbox and coming close to vomiting with anticipation. When I got in, I danced around the kitchen with my mother and she gave me an NYU t-shirt she had picked up when she was working in New York that past summer. She told me that if I didn't get in, she would have just chucked it without letting me know she'd bought it.

A friend of mine told me that I should go out and get a Wash-U hoodie now to celebrate. I came up with a better idea:

For my son Freddy: Wash-U Onesie

For Me: Wash-U wrestling singlet

We'd match, and the ensuing photos would be memories that would last a lifetime.


Laura said...

OMG. No. you are not getting a wrestling singlet. I am using the wife vito.


John said...

You know, I told Laura that it was a bad idea, but come to think of it... The father/son bonding experience could come in handy when you need to discipline him in his teens. One threat of public disclosure of that photo, and I bet he'd straigten up. Oh, and Congratulations!

Josh Koenig said...

Oh man.

I'll have to procure and stash away said singlet for some kind of ice fishing trip, or similar testoterone laced adventure.

Let the homoerotic speculation begin!

Oh yes, right: congratz! Soon you'll be the Master, show old Obi Wan what for, eh?

Wardenburg said...

nothing finer than a singlet! Get one for me Frank! We can get all Greco in Maplewood!