Saturday, January 24, 2009

Everything In Brief

I'm back in school, which is spectacular, and working on greening up some rental properties, which is also great. It's been only two weeks and I already feel I've learned things that could be used to avoid many past and future $#@$-up's.

I also finally wrote an article that I'm halfway happy with. My god what a piece of work this guy is:

On the parental tip, Freddy is crawling and it's a whole new world. He can also say "ma" and "da" and eats about two jars of baby food on top of his regular formula regimen.

Laura is back in the saddle directing a show at Stray Dog Theatre and we're super busy. It's been a juggling act coordinating my work/Laura's work/rehearsal/school and Freddy, but we've managed figure it out so far. Tuesday night is the only vexing conflict and my parents have stepped in to watch Freddy.

I have yet to work exercise into my schedule, that's the next step.