Sunday, January 25, 2009

So Maybe I Don't Have To Leave Town (Again)

Two Things:

1. In accordance with Missouri Senate Bill 1181, every EnergyStar appliance up to $1500 purchased between April 19-25 is free of tax. This week will celebrate Earth Day and weed day; perhaps a coded parting message from former governor Matt Blunt. Either way, I'm saving my pennies for an efficient, small fridge for the basement.

2. Just checked out the new local coffee shopFoundation Grounds. It's locally owned (two of the owner live a block away from me) and they did a green renovation and sourced recycled, reused and renewable materials. Lastly, the vegan muffin tasted an actual muffin. I'm usually a vegan baked goods hater, but these were awesome!

Good stuff coming to town, now if is just wouldn't be so freaking cold out.