Sunday, May 17, 2009

Freddy Is Sick

Over the last few days, Freddy has gone from having an ear infection to having a virus and wicked diaper rash and teething all at once. He really liked the taste of his grape flavored anti-biotic but since he had a fever, we poisoned the well by feeding him Pedialyte through the same dropper the tasty medicine came in.

I've been working through most of this, so I haven't had anywhere near the responsibility that Laura has, so whatever misery there is, I take my licks. It was only when my brother complained about our cat puking while at his house that I realized that I have been vomited on twice in the past 16 hours (the first one was a real doozey, volume, distance, smelled like formula and grape Pedialyte).

My morning ritual with him this morning had him crying through every activity he usually likes, then crawling back into Laura's arms, the only place he's wanted to be since this started and sleeping for what has now been more than an hour.

Next weekend, Laura will be heading out to California and I will be with him for the weekend. Here's hoping he's well by then.