Wednesday, August 15, 2007

29 is shaping up pretty well

The birthday party was a great success! We now have more wine than god. Matt and Narcisa came back from Bosnia just in time for the party and gave us a beautiful "Bosnian coffee" (don't say "Turkish coffee" unless you wanna get a frying pan and 630 years of history thrown at you) set and a bottle of plum Slivovica. Hell yeah!

My brother in law, Alex was able to come and visit fresh from his last final of college and the day he arrived he got a job offer! Sure it's good news for him, but it will also mean vast rebates on luxury hotel rooms for Laura and I when we come to visit Boston. Double Hell Yeah!

Lastly of course is the coming of Nosey, our new lady cat who we picked up today from the APA. Nosey is named for her love of ramming her nose into mine when she's amorous. She's so far been a great cat.

Here's pics of my life lately:

Laura getting ready to obliterate the former owner's paint choices.

Milo and Pig, awkward dog cousins.

So goddamned happy to own a house I forgot to wear a longer shirt.

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Dr. Robbins said...

Hey it's your Aunt Jill - Just found out you had moved. Love the kitty pix.