Sunday, August 19, 2007

How LImber You Feelin' Now Mother#$@#$@

Decided to bite the bullet and take a yoga class on frida and got talked into purchasing a $20 7-day unlimited pass. I took it Friday night and Saturday morning and my god do I hurt all over.

Looked around the internet and found this great short film that I had seen a couple of years ago. It's a pretty good portrayal of biking in New York. I especially like it since there are no anglos playing bike messengers, a personal pet peeve of mine. Look closely and you'll see a Mr. Frank Boudreaux as the yuppie douchebag what doors the messenger.


Outlandish Josh said...

That's a pretty rad little film. I love the Who Framed Roger Rabbit style.

Man I miss that shit, rolling with the traffic. Really made you feel alive, you know?

TeddyFrank said...

Yeah, Josh, I miss it like hell. I've been riding my bike more in St. Louis and there's just not the density to flow with everything.