Saturday, August 04, 2007

Things Are Heating Up

First off, Laura's cousin, Dr. Amy Gershkoff just published a pretty hardcore Op-Ed in today's Washington Post about the difficulties facing returning reservists trying to get thier old jobs back. This could very well be the fart at the beginning of an election year shitstorm.

In other news the house is great. I spent about two and a half hours swapping out the garage door with the basement door. It was the first time I've ever messed around with mortising out a doorframe, which I butchered. We have a very small yard and I'm cheap (and somewhate ecologically concerned) so I got a free fifty year old Craftsman push mower from my boss and I'm loving it.

This Friday is my birthday and I'm going to be doing a duathalon: a half marathon and sixty miles of biking if I'm game. St. Louis is about 1300 miles away from a coast so the weather in August gets pretty oppressive. Friday's high is 100 degrees, breaking the heat record set 19 years ago. I'll be starting my run at 5:00 am to beat the heat and will hopefully be at the halfway point of my run when the sun rises. Wish me luck!

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John said...

Right on! Good luck on Friday, I'll be thinkin of you. You can do it!