Thursday, December 08, 2005

Little Giant Owners and Staff Have Read My Blog

I started to worry that my favorite restaurant, Little Giant, was out of business. I spent three days trying to get a reservation for this Saturday. I kept getting either a fax squawk or a busy signal on their reservation number. So tonight I decided to stop by there and make sure for myself that they were still kicking. It turns out that they were and that they were just having trouble with stupid Verizon. I was working out the reservation business with Julie, one of the owners when Tasha, the other owner, came up the stairs to say hi.

"So Frank, why are you so anal these days?"

I was confused

"Hey Julie, this is the guy who wrote on his web site that Little Giant was gauronteed anal sex"

Before I could clarify and say that their mutual brainchild that they spent years of hard work building was LIKE gauronteed anal sex and not a real gaurontee, the bartender chimed in, "oh yeah, I remember that. Heh heh."

I would like to now say two things regarding my November 12th post:

1. Little Giant, with its incredible selection of seasonal American dishes, wine list, decor, music and service makes the payer of the tab the feel entitled to their date's forbidden, star-shaped fruit but in no way gaurontees it.
2. I challenge anyone who works at, owns or has eaten at Little Giant to quote me just one line from the glowing reviews given it by the New Yorker Magazine, the New York Times or any other publication.

Little Giant is located on the corner of Orchard and Broom Street, for reservations call: (212) 226-5047

"Little Giant: The Place To Close The Deal"

UPDATE: Julie pointed out that the number was wrong and that's why I didn't get through. I corrected it above and I'm now a little mortified at the thought of going into the restaurant on Saturday with my parents, my fiancee and a family friend.


Tresler said...

Brilliant - absolutely brilliant.

John Y. said...

I don't know Frank, I think I may have to hold out till it's "guaranteed."

Anonymous said...

It's deff worth the wait.

konezone said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of publishing. People will see what you write. And it's fun! My guess is they loved it.

antlered girl said...

thanks for the birthday wishes! good luck on the bridge riding. it's kind of scary. i bought winter tires.