Wednesday, December 28, 2005

TWU Strike, The Holidays ETC.

It's been a bit, but I won't dwell. To me, the strike was a big, huge amateur hour on the streets of New York. When you bike regardless of the weather, you kind of get like a crotchety Cape Codder: there are "the summer people" and then there are the locals. There were roughly the same number of bikers on the road as one sees on the third consecutive day of spring, only it was cold as all hell and no one was too happy. There was a conspicuous lack biking etiquitte and I saw people getting really pissed at cars. I followed one woman for a couple of blocks just to see how she successful she would be at screaming at every car that was rude to her.

I work in Brooklyn four days a week and so I only had to go over the bridge into Manhattan one day. It was terrible. Teeming humanity, wall to wall cars and a sea of unhappy campers on foot.

Laura and I went to St. Louis for Christmas. It was a good time, if a little stressful. I got to see my bro's new dog, Milo who he spent his entire summer vacation training. I also got to see his completed bar that he built in one of the three bedrooms of his house and try a good amount of the beer that he's been brewing.

St. Louis for the holidays can be very stressful on the system. Lots of family stress, eating huge meals, drinking and almost zero exercize save for walking from the house to the car. Laura and I feel like bloated slugs. Laura was a real trooper I have to say. We're back in the city now and if all goes well, I'll be putting together a fixed gear from an old frame I've had for a spell and getting to the gym.

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eefers said...

I feel your pain. I probably shouldn't leave this on your blog...but I ate so many starchy foods in my part of Missouri, that I had to give myself an enema just to poo. And I am not a person who has trouble with the Number Two. It was amazing, though. I highly recommend trying it sometime.