Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Eve

Two Thousand Five has been a pretty good year all told. I managed to procure and build a new office for Transportation Alternatives, got engaged and did a couple of shows. 2006 is going to be a year of tall orders. I haven't announced it to a good many people or to the world-wide-web but Laura and I are going to open an cafe/venue in Williamsburg or Greenpoint. I've been kind of shy about talking about it, but I really want to do this freaking thing. In the spirit of Josh's book I'm going to start saying it more often and make this sucker happen.

No, I haven't figured out how I'll come up with the seed money, but my subconscious is working overtime on it. I woke up at 6:45 this morning after a vivid anxiety dream where Laura and I found all this money on a near sunken ship. We got in an argument about how much to take, I just wanted to take enough to start the cafe, but she wanted to take a lot more so we'd be set for life. I tried for a half hour to get back to sleed then crept to the bathroom and read for a few hours so as not to wake our houseguests, John and Noreen.

In other amazing news, that fixed gear bike that I referred to the other day was actually a surprise present for Laura and my friend Emily. It was a gife from her boyfriend Chris, who is, as you might imagine, a rather thoughtful guy. Yesterday, Emily moved and we helped her and when we were almost done, Chris fetched the bike and we were there when he gave it to her. She was a pretty happy camper to say the least.

This is the before picture:

This is after:

And this is Chris with the bike:


eefers said...

I LOVE MY NEW BIKE! I even rode it in the snow today. And it was AWESOME! Thanks, Frank...for helping me move and for fixing up my amazing new bike.

Chris said...

I wish you had a picture of her face when she saw that thing. You could probably still get a pretty accurate picture, as she hasn't stopped smiling since!