Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pot Luck At My Place

In the interest of promoting Churchillian values and eschewing those of Hitler, Laura and I will be having a Pot Luck dinner at our place this Friday. If you're reading this, you're invited, just shoot me a line to confirm. If I'm being read by people in somewhere like Kazakhstan instead of just a coterie of my 1st degree friends, well, come on through as well, it'll be interesting.


John Y. said...

Will you also be celebrating the other Churchillian values of gettting kicked out of your own party before reaching heroic status and oh, yes, pickling your liver? If so, I definitely wish I could be there. Instead, while we're on this plain, I'll be practicing Rooseveltian ethics by quietly supporting from afar while I wait to jump into the fray. Hope it rocks!

PiggyReese said...

way to promote babe.
You know our house is not that big. . . .:>

Julie said...

Just saying hi, haven't seen ya since I quit the vinylux. Hope all is wonderful

TeddyFrank said...

Thanks for saying hi, I hope you're well. Everything is pretty wonderful, I could definitley use some other, more challenging and lucrative work.

How could you be so forgetful, there's room for like 45 people to uncomfortably fit in here.

Churchillianism as far as i'm concerned is a "win some lose some" type of strategy. Opposing the rising tide of Nazism, slam dunk. Opposing Indian independence mmmm not so much. The man was boung to crash and burn. Though I'm sure he could whip up a great cassarole if someone needed and extra dish.