Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Results Finally In

So Ken at The New York Bike Messenger Association was good on his word and posted the final results for Cranksgiving. It turns out that Laura and I finished better overall among finishers, a respectable 28th and 29th place overall. If Loren is a girl's and not a boy's name (I've never seen it spelled that way to my recollection) then Laura actually placed 5th amonth the women, again, damned good for a first shot. Full results and pictures here

The ride into work today was especially nice this morning and evening what with the unseasonably warm weather. I passed the freshly reopened entrance to the south side of the Williamsburg Bridge bike path and went up and down "the chute" to see what I had been missing for the last two years. The Chute, the narrow two laned bike/pedestrian path on the Brooklyn side of the bridge comes down at a rather steep angle and has corderoy texture to the concrete. The loose headset on my bike jiggled as I attempted to go down the bridge without using my brake. This bike path is an ugly stepsister compared to the wide, gently sloped, asphalt ramp on the north entrance that will probably be closed all winter for repairs. On the Brooklyn side, they have yet to put the large circular mirror up to warn pedestrians that bikes are about to deposit themselved onto the dark sidewalk. I'm going to chat with Transportation Alternative's Noah Budnick about the best way to get that thing back. I'll keep you posted.

1 comment:

Josh said...

Repairs? WTF! They built that shit like two years ago. What do they use at the DOT these days, tinker toys?

I'm all for the chute's retro-style, but come on.