Monday, November 28, 2005

Ahh Mondays

I have this one-day-a-week job delivering magazines to VIPs in print and broadcast media and it brings me to a lot of buildings. Mostly this means making nice with the women who work in the messenger room, but there are a few buildings that take a chance and let dirty, thieving messengers like me in. This morning I ran into WNYC reporter Andrea Bernstein in the lobby of 1 Centre Street and thanked her for asking all of the democratic mayoral hopefuls about congestion pricing at the debates. How freaking nerdy is that?

Delivery went well this morning, it semi-rained and then didn't. I get my health insurance through this job and they pay me handsomely for what I do. It has, however kept me from doing any other kind of job that would expect me to come in before 12:00 on a Monday. It also exposes me to the elements and there is no calling in sick. I had a conversation with a messenger the other day, an older guy and we talked about how tired you can get when you know you have to go to work. "Man" he said, "I got ta get me the hook-up sometime soon, it's gettin too cold for this shit." Been thinking about that a bit, getting the hook up that is. I'll need to find yet another ancillary job after this holiday season, something that'll carry me over to June. After the trip, there'll be a major referendum on employment and living situation. What to do?

Finally a PSA for Williamsburg Bridge riders: Starting tomorrow the bridge will be open only through "the chute" the entrance below the bridge on Bedford Ave.


Anonymous said...

The chute is back! I have a video of riding down that thing somewhere. Lovely high-degree downhill that dumps blindly into Bedford.

Still, safer than those f'ing bumps.

TeddyFrank said...

I remember a while ago they opened it up again but didn't replace that big round mirror for people on the sidewalk to see the bikes and vice versa. I always worry that I'll t-bone a baby carraige and a Hasidic woman when I come careening off the bridge. I was always curious how people who rode fixed with no brake made it down without panicing.

PiggyReese said...

I sometimes wonder how I make it down without panicing in general!

Anonymous said...

I guess you an Laura will be having a baby before the rest of us!

antlered girl said...

so. yeah the mock cornish hen was weird, but tasty nonetheless. it being in the shape od a pretend hen didn't make me want to eat it any more than it being a big lump. i flipped it over at one point.