Sunday, November 27, 2005

Turkey Day Roundup

Turkey day was an interesting affair. I was driving, so it wasn't very wild and crazy, but it was a lot of good food shared between me, Laura, her mom Valery and her brother Alex. There were many complicated undercurrents and back stories, but these are not solely my stories, so I'll adhere to the blogging etequitte of good buddy Josh and keep to other matters.

When Laura and I came back from Thanksgiving, we split a bottle of wine she pilfered from here mom's collection and we declared ourselves not nearly drunk enough. We were house-sitting at John and Noreen's so I hatched a plan and not too much later we were whipping through Jamaica Plains, Massachusettes on their bikes, roving the main drag for an open bar. We found this nice little Irish bar and two beers later we were drunk off of our asses and on our merry way. We woke up feeling like winners. This is a lie, a baldfaced lie.

On the way back from Boston, we went to New Bedford Mass. and got to hang out with Anias Nova Kinsgston, the 1 month old baby of Laura's best friend Alicia and Jude. I'll have pics up as soon as I can get my $@#$ing iPhoto working. It was incredible stuff. I got to finally meet Alicia's mom, who was extremely nice, great to talk to and had an incredible Mass accent that Laura thinks should be recorded for the benefit of actresses playing women from New Bedford. She made a cheesecake in honor of Laura's belated 26th b-day and bought linguisa rolls (a local Portugese delicacy) made sausage, coffee and had this great Portugese cornbread that she served with cheese.

Playing with the baby stirred lots of emotions up in me and Laura. It's pretty incredible holding a baby that young at what my former coworker, Amy liked to call the "meatloaf stage" of child developement, where babys just eat, poop and sleep. More on that stuff later.

The ride back to New York was rather stressful. The dog only puked once, but Laura didn't like being a passenger in highway traffic and frankly, I don't like being a driver. We made it though, dropped the car off in the West Village and had a good night back in NYC.

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