Saturday, November 12, 2005

Belated Birthday Dinner at Little Giant

Man oh man, Little Giant is about the best freaking thing on earth. I got to know one of the owner's Tasha, when I had this odd job working at the bar/cafe called The Cellar. She and her boyfriend used to come in cause they lived on the block.
Be that as it may, Tasha opened up Little Giant, and the place is excellent. The food, the atmosphere, music, wine list, it's like guaranteed anal sex. Laura and I came to the conclusion that had I taken her to Little Giant on our second date, we would have closed the deal. Little Giant, people, "the place to close the deal"!


Anonymous said...

Where is this magical place!?!?


TeddyFrank said...

Broome Street and Orchard my good man. Broom and Orchard. Give Tasha my regards and good luck closin' the deal!

Elvis said...

I can't be=Leive YOU are blogging and its coming across really well, you are a natural, my biy, everything you touch turns to H-Definition Pyrite, you trixey Biking, Modern-Day Twain TeddyFranklinBear!