Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sharing Notes

Riding back from work in the rain on Bedford when another dude on a track bike whizzed past me. Usually, I try to bomb it down the stretch of Bedford from Myrtle to South 5th, especially if I have a good song on my iPod Shuffle. When the guy whooshed past me, I jackrabbeted into gear and had to motivate myself to pass him on the wet road in the dark with the cheezy Eminem/Shaggy mix that krept onto my shuffle several months ago. We were back and forthe for about 10 blocks and it became apparent that we were both about as fast but coulsn't prove which one was the fastest because we didn't want to rush into a blind red light intersection with our fixed gears in the rain. Finally, this guy almost smashed into a couple of kids who darted across the street withouth looking and I struck up a conversation.
"This can be a pretty freaking hazerdous part of Bedford right?"
"Oh yeah, but that's the fun."
He had a point. We chatted for the next few blocks about the way that the South Williamsburg Hasidic community doesn't ever look before crossing the street and I shared with him my greatest fear in biking around Willaimsburg (that I'll be coming down the Williamsburg Bridge and plow into a crowd of Hasidic woman and their children. When we came to said bridge, we bid one another a good night and he headed out to the city. Now I gotta make dinner.

For Dinner Tonight: Steak Salad, with mixed greens, tomato, red onion, feta cheese. Oh yeah, it'll be good.

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