Thursday, November 03, 2005

Unchallenging Day

Lost of things knocking around today as I completed tasks in a completely unchallenging day. Not a lot of stuff resolved. The ride in to work this morning was a little bit pokier than usual. Laura is dispatched to Boston for a family emergency and my boss is off to Rhode Island to pick up ever more vinyl records. I gave Laura my iPod Shuffle to listen to on the train, so I had little motivation in the form of cheezy upbeat songs in 6 different languages. The weather this week has been beautiful, if a little windy and my brand new lined hoody is overkill. I've had to remove it several times and bike the rest of the way in a t-shirt and gloves, as is my custom (my fingers get cold easily, I always feel good having warm hands).
I sorted and shuffled a few thousand coasters into the right color order and packaged them in thier shipping containers as I listened to everything that WNYC had to say. Fernando Ferrer got interviewed by Brian Lehrer and seemed cagey and defensive. Things must be getting pretty far under his skin right now, I know I would be a freak-show mess if I was him. It was a missed opportunity on Mr. Ferrer's part I felt, he wasn't able to use the interview to communicate a better message. He has a terrible habit of exhaling loudly when he's exasperated, it makes him sound like the complainer Bloomberg paints him to be.
My former boss, Govenor Howard Dean was in a sound clip on Lehrer's show, giving his endorsement and a rather hedged prediction of Ferrer's chances. I'll be voting yes on the #2 bond issue this time around, and for little, if anything else.
Rode back in darkness, cursing my lack of AAA batteries for the front light of my bike. I muscled my way past timid but dangerous Hasidic minivan drivers, safely making it back to pig

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