Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yankin' It

So I voted a lil' bit today. Originally, my plan was to just vote yes on Ballot Initiative #2 (2nd ave. subway et all), yank the lever and leave the choosing of messrs Bloomberg or Ferrer to people who cared more about either of them. Thinking about it more today, I decided that it would send a shitty message to let Bloomberg win the vote by a 40 point spread in a Dem town. While I don't feel very strongly for Ferrer, I feel that he would not have invited a gazillion Republicans into the city and cracked down on bikers to make them feel safe. I also don't have any affiliations to any real estate developers and neither Laura or I have the means to buy one of the luxury condo's that are popping up around here.
In other news, I finally scored AAA batteries and my ass kicking light

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