Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Still No Cranksgiving Results

Laura and I are in Boston today. The ride in was a little trying. The dog puked no less than four times. At one point at a rest stop in Connecticut, Pig puked on Laura (again) and she took her pants off right in the parking lot while people were wandering in and out of the place, passing the car. I had to run to the trunk and grab Laura a skirt. There was a full on freakout after we got on our way again and Laura couldn't find her CDs, most of which were one-off's from her friend Alicia. There was a lot of screaming, mourning and utter impotent silence on my part. We got to Boston and Laura found her CDs. I am going to back them up on my computer as soon as we get home, it was a trying time.
Still no results for Cranksgiving. I got 32 out of 55 finishers, but it's unclear how Laura did amoung the 9 or so women. You can check out the pics here. Here's a pic of me at the starting line with my big yellow helmet and a classic white guy overbite. In my inner eye, I looked like a man eating barbarian invader, but I kind of look like I'm trying to do the hustle for the first time.

And here's another pic of the starting line, I beat the guy in the forefront because I was able to shove my completed manifest into the hand of the organizer while he was still futzing with his receipts.

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