Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year's All!

A damned good time was had by all. Many thanks to Kristi for having everyone over to her beautiful downtown pad. Everyone was there, booze flowed like water, and the new year was rung in quite loudly. At about 1:00am, everyone went to Mehanata (Bulgairan Bar) and Archie was able to get everyone in for free by using his Homeland Security badge. I had forgotten that Bulgaria was part of the coaltion of the willing. Laura and I danced like crazy people for about 20 minutes before we both realized just how drunk we were. We made it back to Brooklyn and I had to drag Laura to bed like she was a sack of potatos.

Jeremy brought this polish vodka that comes in the shape of a sniper rifle and I took a bunch of photo's of people with it.

Happy 2006 Y'all!

Melissa with Sniper Vodka:

Sam with Sniper Vodka:

Laura with Sniper Vodka:

Kristi with Sniper Vodka:

Josh with Sniper Vodka:

Jeremy with Sniper Vodka:

Nadine with Sniper Vodka:

Wes with Sniper Vodka:

1 comment:

Jeremy said...

Wow. Melissa just has the icy look of a stone cold killer in that photo, doesn't she? Of all the aggressive Sniper Vodka photos you took, it's the only one that frightens me. "Melissa, how can you shoot women and children???" "Easy, you just don't lead 'em so much."